I'm Hannah, a wedding and elopement photographer and film maker based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. I specialise in storytelling photo and film, which means that your album views like a story showing all the natural and wonderful moments of your day. 

I have a relaxed approach, so nothing is super posed or fake. Even group shots can look natural, which is where I work my magic!


I've always loved taking photos. From a very early age I had one of those little compact point and shoot cameras, which I took everywhere with me! Me and my family were always going on trips out and little holidays to Norfolk and the Lake District, and my camera always came with me. When I was 15 my dad gave me his old Fujifilm camera to have a go with... and I loved it! He then bought me my first DSLR camera, and since then my love of photography has never stopped growing. I started off just taking photos of whatever was around me, mainly outdoors as it's my favourite place to shoot, capturing landscapes (love a good sunset over a field), wildlife and my pets. By wildlife I mean lots of ladybirds, because come on... they're awesome! But yeah, all that was 2 years ago... how time fly's! Now I'm running my own business, shooting weddings and capturing families do their thing. Best job ever!


Natural, relaxed, creative and thoughtful... I think that's how I would describe my style. I don't really like posing, I'm all about the natural moments and I love details! The more the better. I like playing around with jewellery and flowers (or succulents, love them!) to create simplistic little detailed shots. My job is to run around, hide in bushes, stand on step ladders (I'm only 5'1 lol) and maybe even climb a tree or two to get the perfect shot. I can't tell you how many times I've come home covered in leaves and mud... but it's worth it! 

My editing style probably isn't what you would expect for someone who loves landscapes and shooting outdoors. I'm not a fan of green... I love taking photos with lots of green in them, but then I desaturate the green because I don't like it bright. I'm a bit weird. My photos are not your traditional style too, as they are quite dark. I love a good shadow and a pop of colour! Red is my favourite colour in photos, I just love it and don't know why as I don't wear red... confusing right. I'm not a very colourful person to be honest, but I do love colour in my photos! I also love anything that stands out and gives your photos a bit of an alternative look!


If you like what you hear and want to have a chat, just drop me an email. I love getting to know new people! 


Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK

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