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I'm Hannah! I'm a wedding, elopement and lifestyle photographer... and also film maker based in Yorkshire, but I travel all over the UK to capture memories! I specialise in storytelling photography and film, which means that your gallery views like a story showing all the natural and wonderful moments of your day. I have a relaxed approach, so nothing is super posed. Candid and what you call 'quiet' moments are my favourite, along with lots of smiles and a few tears (don't worry I mean happy tears!).

When I'm not capturing or editing lovely memories for lovely people, you'll typically find me out for a hike in the Peak District or Yorkshire Dales, cooking... specifically a curry or Sunday dinner and handing out with animals. I'm a big fan of the outdoors, so like so spend as much time as I can adventuring and visiting new places, as well as visiting old favourites. 


I've always loved taking photos. From an early age I had one of those little compact point and shoot cameras that I took everywhere with me! Me and my family loved going on trips out and on holidays to Norfolk... and my camera ALWAYS came along with me. When I was about 15 my dad bought me my first DSLR camera, and since then my love of photography has never stopped growing. I started off by taking photos of anything and everything around me, mainly outdoors capturing landscapes (love a good sunset over a field) and wildlife. That was quite a while ago... how time fly's! I've been capturing weddings and families for almost 5 years now... wow that's crazy seeing it written down haha, and I've been to more than 200 weddings in that time! I have also, over the last few years started offering highlight films alongside photos. I started learning film is 2021 and absolutely loved it! I then filmed a photographer friends wedding in June of 2021 and jumped into offering films from 2022... I have never looked back since! My films look totally different now to what they did then, as my knowledge and style is ever changing. Honestly, I have the best job and I'm so lucky that I get to meet so many amazing people doing so!


Natural, relaxed, emotive and a bit romantic... I think that's how I would describe my style. I don't really like posing, I'm all about the little natural in-between moments and I love details! Flowers moving about, hair blowing in the wind, jewellery twinkling, hands swinging, dresses dragging in the leaves, confetti in your hair and more. The more details the better. I love playing around with jewellery and flowers in the morning too, to create beautiful detailed shots of all the important little bits that make your day special and unique.

My job is to run around, hide in bushes, stand on step ladders (I'm only 5'1 haha) and maybe even climb a tree to get the perfect shot. I can't tell you how many times I've come home covered in leaves and mud... but it's absolutely worth it for the results and the beautiful moments captured! 

My editing style probably isn't what you would expect for someone who loves landscapes and shooting outdoors. I'm not a fan of green... don't get me wrong, I love taking photos with lots of green in them, but then I desaturate it because I don't like it bright. My photos are not your traditional style too, as I shoot what I feel and capture the moments happening, rather than creating the moments to photograph. My films are a very similar style to my photos, I'd maybe even say that they are more storytelling than my images! I love to get lots of movement (like I do with my photos), walking, hands and feet moving etc to create an emotive and romantic story of your day from my perspective


If you like what you hear, feel free to fill out my enquiry form and we can have a chat! I love getting to know new people! 


South Yorkshire, UK

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