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Did you know that I also offer highlight films?

I'd describe my films as 'films with feeling' as I love to include all the special little moments whether they are smiles or tears.


My films are short story's of your day that include the most important parts, as well as lots of little details. They are typically between 4-7 minutes long, although I never put a time limit on them, so they may be longer if you have a jam packed day. I may include audio snippets from your ceremony and speeches if I feel they will fit well in your final film, but please note that I don’t include ceremony audio unless you are having a celebrant ceremony (and they are happy for me to include their words) or you are reading your own personally written vows. I will never include audio from a registrar or church ceremony. I tend to record full speeches audio so I can take little snippets out, but I don't record full speeches video. I’m not a videographer, I’m simply someone who loves to record special moments and create a short emotive story for you to watch back and relive.

*Please note, I do not include aerial drone footage and do not film using a gimble.

*Please note that I will only take film bookings (just film, no photos) if I'm working alongside a photographer I know and have a similar relaxed style too. I have this rule because if I were to work with a photographer who has the opposable style to me, I wouldn't be able to make the kind of film you are expecting from me and I would hate for you to be disappointed. If you are looking for video only, please do get in touch and I will let you know if I can help. A quote will be provided on enquiry, as the package below is an add on to photography only.



20+ second teaser


5-10 min highlight film

Set to music (partial ceremony & speeches may be included if I think it fits)

Available to book alongside THE FULL STORY

Below are a few examples of my work... more can be viewed on my social media!







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