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Pre-Shoots! I offer these as add ons for all my wedding packages and my package The Full Story comes with it included complimentary.




Essentially they are an engagement shoot to get some cute photos of your both before your wedding! I 100% recommend investing in a pre-shoot, and here are the reasons why:

We get to know each other more before your day and I can see what kind of shots you are comfortable with

You get to see what kind of things I'll get you to do on the day to get the perfect photos

You will feel more confident and comfortable in front of the camera because it can be used as practice

We can try out new poses etc that you've seen and like

You can use the images from your pre-shoot on invites/save the dates, print them to hang up at your wedding, use them for table numbers... the list is endless!




There is no dress code whatsoever! I always say, the best thing to wear is something you are comfortable in and that makes you feel good. No need to buy a new outfit for the occasion.

If you can try and co ordinate your outfits though, colour wise, then that would be amazing! Best to stay away from busy patters and big logos if you can, as they distract from your beautiful faces.



My style is super relaxed and natural, so places I recommend for pre-shoots are woodlands, nature reserves and fields. Places with lots of open space and a few trees... beaches are also a good one if you are up for a dip! I include 50 miles of travel free of charge for pre-shoots, any extra over this will be calculated at 50ppm. Unfortunately the location you choose will depend on my availability, as I may not be able to travel far if I have a lot on that week. If you have somewhere in mind for your shoot, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Alternatively I sometimes book certain days out for pre-shoots for specific locations, so you are able to book onto one of these if I have a slot free.



I do all my pre-shoots in wedding off season, meaning November-March. After this time is when I get busy again with weddings, so I like to get all my pre-shoots done before then to make sure I can fit everyone in who would like one. I only allow pre-shoot bookings on weekdays, and I avoid school holidays, as locations will be busy making it hard for us to have a wander and get you comfortable in front of the camera without being disturbed.



British weather can be very temperamental and it can just start raining out of the blue, so please be prepared. Make sure you wear suitable footwear and bring a coat. No matter the weather (unless torrential rain, snow, or storm) your shoot will go ahead. Rescheduling pre-shoots is really difficult to do, as I know from past experiences, so please come prepared for all weathers and check the forecast to make sure what you are wearing is suitable before setting off. I always bring clear umbrellas with me, so we have these just incase we need them.


Absolutely! If you have a dog or maybe even a cat with a lead then bring them along. Pets always make things 10x more fun and it means they get a walk at the same time. Bonus! They always distract you a little from being newbies infant of the camera as you will think about it less and focus on your pet. Before bringing your pet, please check the locations rules to make sure they are allowed.


Haha... me too! Everyone is, so don't worry, you aren't alone!

During the shoot, just keep chatting to one another and try and ignore me as much as you can. I try my best to narrate everything I'm doing to you, so you know what's happening and aren't left wondering, I'll also give you little prompts and tips and always keep you moving! Movement is the key to distracting you and making you thinking about each other and what you are doing, rather than the fact you are being photographed.




If you fancy getting one booked in, all you need to do it email me and we will go from there. I'll send over my availability and we can chat locations and suitable times.

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